Thursday, June 19, 2008

And humpty dumpty had a great fall.
Silly shoes. Silly me.
Interesting work pace. Crazy, but fun.
Nothing profound. Emerging perspectives are intriguing.


abbagirl74 said...

Oh no. I hate it when that happens!

shiv said...

Take care... Take care ....I know I m back after a long time . And you write just as well as you used to ...refreshing as the rain falling on parched earth, and ahh that fragrance

manuscrypts said... and pace..nice connection :)

Quin Browne said...

i did that once... on a crowded street. i pretended my knee had given out.


hope you are okay.

Baby Island said...

Walked around DT Seatle today myself in high wedges, unlike my typical bare-footed mom at home wear and tottered a bit after lunch and a cocktail with friends. Drove home iwth the shoes off, much better that way! ;)

Arunima said...

I always miss my steps. Damn feet they never focus!

austere said...

Arunima- two left feet syndrome. :)

Babyisland- heh. Love the sound them shoes make.

Quin- woo hoo. Flat, palms outstretched? that's my favourite stance.

Manu- none, sue me. :) funny how these posts hv changed to notes to myself.

Shiv- WB! Nothin like a wee bit of praise, doc, to keep the words flowin. ty.

abbagal- yes, and hurts too.

sanguine said...

oh boy !!
my biggest fear is falling in front of collegues , i know it will be "the story to tell " for as long as i am in the office and may be even after i have left ....
hope you didnt hurt yourself .

Anonymous said...


The work paced up - even further? In my imagination you are already in a fast moving brizzeling work surroundings.

sathya said...

Hi Aust,

two left feet? Dance session, huh? :) Where was the fall :-/


AmitL said...

Hi,Austy---ohh,I thought I was the only 'tripper',though,more at home rather than at work.:)

Crazy work pace is anyday better than a slow one,I feel-right?:)

waiting to hear more about emerging perspectives.

More on Baroda visit coming up.:)

austere said...

Amit- you reminded me of that Beatles number, Day tripper.. suna kya aapney? After perspectives cease to emerge, will dutifully advise. Or not. :)

sathya- walking only. :)

mago- Metros'. Till recently it used to be "Only Bata". Yes, further pickup.

sanguine- this was on the so-called footpath, so am spared the ignominy.

Portia said...

Sounds busy, and good. I hope you're ok! Maybe the shoes ought to go;)

austere said...

The shoes stay strictly inside the office, sensible flats for outside. :)

Portia said...

i have some of those:p