Monday, June 02, 2008

Abhilasha Ojha/ Business Standard/ How the Jawahar Knowledge Center initiative by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh is changing trajectories for several below-poverty-line families.

Does the soul good to read about hope.


Quin Browne said...

it does the soul good, indeed.

sanguine said...

very nice , austy .

my maid the other day heard N speak on the phone with some comp guys, to dispose off our old comp , a P3 . she spoke to me the next day , she wanted to buy it off from us for her son . i was so impressed and pleased . well , we gave it to her .

Because of B said...

OLPC calling?

and a sanguine ji.. hello hai!

Anonymous said...

Hopes. Start. Energy.

Das betäubende Glücksgefühl des Aufbruchs, des Neuen, des TUNs. Das Versprechen der Zukunft.
The dullening happiness of start, new, DOING. Future's promise.

I see a generation starting.
I fear their crash. How long is a "generation"? As a historian I used to calculate it as 25 years, but that is not adequate and there is a discussion here now.
After all we built sandcastles.

Arunima said...

umm, does the soul good indeed. I clicked the pictures of that flower which you had put up. remember? I had said it is green and then it is greenish yellow or yellowish green etc.

I saw that tree in some fort in Pune.

austere said...

Quin- yes, no?

Sanguine- I hope the son realises his good fortune. In my experience complete complete freebies don't work too well. it has to be an exchange for value to be understood.

b- what's OLPC? Sanguine, crabbie and heretic- see all the olde friends who've dropped in for a hellow.

mago- you are saying no roots, no foundation hence the house of cards will tumble?? Too many cliches in one line, i know. :). I think somewhere the dusty village stays in the gene print and keeps you on edge- there, but for the grace of God you go.

arunima! the yellow blooms seem to tumble all out of the tree, literally overburden the tree, don't they?khoob sundar.

Portia said...

yes. hope is one of those that we all need.

Portia said...

very moving article. but.. it seems to drop off unfinished...?

austere said...

I think edited for the web? The story I'd read in the papers was superb, perhaps the pics made it all the more real.