Saturday, June 14, 2008

Because he is the King. Because there is only one King.
Because of Abhimaan. And Alaap. Kabhie Kabhie. Silsila. And Black. And Satte pe satta. Kala patthar. And weeping through Muqaddar ka Sikandar. Twice.
Just, because.


norrbu said...

how could you leave out don?

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-the Big B-the topic of my letter to Stardust(June issue)...quite an enigma,the guy,even now!And,hey,I quite liked him in Great Gambler,too!And,Zanjeer,and,Chupke Chupke..:)Quite a long list.

AmitL said...

Oh,yes...Vadodara thi 'kem Chho'?:)

austere said...

Amar Akbar Anthony.That drunk n the mirror scene?STUPENDOUS. And Zanjeer. And Mili. And Great Gambler. pal do pal ki hai, yeh zindagani...woohooo. or something. :)

bahu maja karo cho? kamatibaug gaya ta? eme temple? biju shoon karyu?

AmitL said...

Haha...eme temple- nearly every day morning,at 545,for the's so enchanting..majaa aave chhe.

Kamati baug-not yet- plan to begin morn walks there from tomorrow.

Too much modifications going on in our flat,to really relax..hopefully,they'll end in 3-4 days.