Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Last night I saw a red-black night sky with scattered lines of fluffy clouds, lightning cackled like an artist’s highlights, a strange electric unease filled the air. Later, a shower washed leaves clean of grime, that just-about-wet earth smell. Relief.


AmitL said...

Hi from Baroda,Austy...hey,great to see the rains are arriving in Mumbai...well, I'm hoping that they'll come a bit later,here..too much work to do...but, I am looking forward to the 'just-about-wet' earth smell.

Portia said...

mmm, yes! i have been enjoying the spring storms here. (so long as the tornadoes avoid our house!) the mr. usually walks bus at night, but when it's raining, i take him. the neighborhood is quiet and it awakens my senses. i can hear it falling, a different note for each surface it lands on- the sidewalk, the leaves, the cars. and i smell the rain, which i had never really noticed before. i think i enjoy it more than the dog:)

sorry, i went on and on there. one more thing:
The more things change, the more they remain the same.
Truer words were never spoken.

Baby Island said...

The smell of rain is something that brings many memories flooding my senses, and of course the more things change the more they remain the same.

It makes me sad though. After finishing All of Isabel Allende's books these past two weeks, things remaining the same drepress me.

Because of B said...

send some here pls!

Anonymous said...

Yes, rain here. Finally.

austere said...

AMIT-enjoy the season. Today is the first proper rain day.

portia- tht was LOVELY. A different note for every surface that it falls on. You are completely welcome to go on and on and on...pls!

babyisland- you shdn't have raced through the books so fast!

because- one big bonus pack. Mereko kya milega?

mago- delicate European rain, not the heavens opening up rain, now that is what we call a proper rain.

Anonymous said...

"Delicate European rain". Over the years I observe the storms in spring and autumn becoming heavier, stronger. In summer the rain-showers become more intense: There is more water falling down, in shorter time, on a limited space. Three people drowned in cellars some days before.

Always loved rain. Warm, cold, little drops and sprinkle that "goes through"; big fat drops, that really splash; the smell of wet hot tar, the smell of dust, of city, metallic; the scent of earth, ploughed field in October rain; the "second rain" when the leaves are wet and the falling rain moves these drops; the sound of rain in large trees with leaves.

Rain is great.

austere said...

That is so poetic, Mago. So very beautiful, that description of the second rain...

Yes, the rain can be beautiful, if the city systems function and the water is drained away.

Its getting heroic to go even get to work- and I am one of the lucky ones, do not live too far away.