Saturday, January 12, 2008

Worries melt as its tangy contents dissolve the crisp wheat exterior to a soggy nothingness, and then the spicy red-hot concoction that you gulp works its magic, opening up long forgotten centers in the brain, demanding attention as the next serving is unceremoniously thrust upon you. Pani puri bliss: utter confidence and all’s right with the world.

On the movie agenda this weekend: The lost lost Moon (khoya khoya chand). That is, if I can find a reasonably priced dvd to rent. The man who owns the corner shop has a monopoly in the area- and he knows it. Yup, I’m cheap.

An NRI cousin is to visit over the weekend. I wish they'd stay put.

This year, I have a to-do list, somewhat.


AmitL said...

Hi,Austy..:)Slurp at that description of the Pani Puri..hehe..utter confidence,indeed,is what it brings!

Hope you find the moon at a good price. But,yes,even I hate DVDwaalas who take advantage of a monopoly..nothing 'cheap' about you where that is concerned-I'd do the same-look for an alternative,even if I had to walk 1/2 an hour.

NRI cousin?wohoo...nice..why did you wish that they'd stay put?let me guess-coz they berate our cities,right-the poverty,the grime,et al.

Waiting to read the 'to-do list'.

austere said...

Yes, I mean we're awful people with horrible roads, no sense of cleanliness and no traffic sense, but why rub it in? Makes me want to string up a rhyme with all the bushisms.
The lost moon is not mainstream.

Thanks for the point by point comment.


nothing boils me than people that talk down the places we call home...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

austere said...

Thank you, Elizabeth!

(so tempted to add the aaa's :))

Portia said...

Oh I have missed your words! This first bit got my mouth watering...I even googled "pani puri" to find that I would indeed like some of your spicy comfort food:)
BOO monopolies!! Such a selfish one track way to operate a business. I like to think the rewards of a community oriented business are far greater, but I can't say I know from personal experience.

soleil said...

nri's ki to bloody vaat everywhere. bichare vidhesh bethe india ko miss karte hai...india aa kar nri role play. madness. dizzying yoyo giri. enjoyed nano. work is driving my coocoo. glad the postcard got there. apun karega saath mein nyc. someday, soon. updates email.

austere said...

soleil- when is the muhurat for the updates email, all spice and nice? Dont shooshaa on my NRI crib, you Canadian.

Portia- Thank you! You'd like it for sure, streaming eyes never mind.I got reconciled to the idea of paying too much.