Monday, January 21, 2008

V & V's baby:

Your tiny face grimaces for a bit.
You redden and pout in your sleep.
In an entirely enviable manner unique to three-day old babies.
Miracle baby. That’s what you are.
Born after a decade of waiting.
Born after a decade of well-meaning questions, freewheeling advice and snide remarks.
Born after horrendous treatments for fertility.
Including an ectopic “mistake”, that was near-fatal.
After visits to temples, and special puja's.
Born after systems had stalled, hormones at a standstill.
That’s when Dr UJ stepped in.
Oils, baths, powders, and inhalations.
All herbal.
Horrible diet restrictions.
Over two years of almost daily treatments, normalcy was restored.
And then the “good news”.
Miracle baby. Perfect.
Ten litt-el toes and ten litt-el fingers.
Sonu.. chotu…baaibeegoogaa I mumble in a strange baby language.
Proof that stardust exists.
“ Make a wish upon a star”.
Your mom and I laugh and cry, remembering.
Will you ever understand what you mean?



There are quite a few wishing upon those same stars..I've seen the awful damage of ectopics when I worked in surgery-equally as emotional for mom just like a miscarriage of later months the sorrow in their eyes..but what great news for this bundle!
May the life that she has been given be spent with bountiful fruits!
The magic that only new birth can bring..the smells of the baby, the's a wonderful time for this family-hormones and all!

I heard about the bus crash, is it near you? I hope not. Those people!death vs birth always the same.

Talk to you later!

Quin said...

told i would never have a child...i bore three.

i am mother to five... i am blessed.

your poem, oh, so beautiful, such a gift... you caused me to put my face on the photo of my 'babies' and kiss them in joy, in remembering how hard it was.

tell your friend, great love to her and her miracle.

and yes, the baby will understand all. it's why they smile so softly for what seems to be no reason at all.

Reshma said...

Have a beautiful life baby:)

austere said...

crusty- its been such a miracle, just blessed they are.

quin- thank you. how beautiful. this seems so right after all she's been put through. now they're complete, a unit.

reshma- will whisper.