Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What the hell is this?

Toshi Sabri, one of the twelve finalists on the Amul Star Voice of India show, was knifed near Andheri Station at ten in the night a day ago.


At that time, the place is buzzing with activity, buses double parking, people hustling autofellows to take them home, lots and lots of people trying to get home, by bus, car, walking, autos. It’s a sea of people. A crazy hullabaloo. Just mad noise everywhere. You get tired seeing the energy and constant activity.

How can this happen?


AmitL said...

Ooph..that's quite astonishing..any updates on why the poor guy was knifed?Jealousy?

Of course,it's easier to carry out such activities when the place is buzzing with activity,I feel-in a crowd,people'd hardly ever know that something like a stabbing had occurred?


oh my! IS he alright? Why do people do such things..jealousy like Amitl says or just because he does things differently? People detest when others beat to their own drums.


Arunima said...

yes, how could it happen?

But many similar things are happening in Bangalore too. people are getting mugged just about anywhere.

austere said...

Apparently there is what we now call a "backstory" to this. This boy used to sing at a bar (you know what lily white reputations those places have), and had a difference of opinion with another singer there. Both these chaps made it to the finals of two different nationally televised music contests, and this man one the contest that was more popular. Likely rivalry and settling scores.

Arunima- Why so? Weren't we supposed to be peaceloving and law abiding, what happened to the country suddenly?

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-there's nothing you can blame this current phenomenon on-it's a combo of joblessness,overdose of TV/movies/serials,longing to be 'up there' with the elite(not knowing their hollow lives),earn without working much,etc..

And,incidentally-I have a simple mp3 player,not an ipod..hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Jealousy in the end. That is human. No random act of violence.
Is the willingness to act violently increased generally or just the media-interest? I must confess that I have no idea about what kind of relation towards violence the Indian society has.


I love what you said about "Lily white"-you have a way with words!!
Thank you soooooooo much for my bday comment well wishes...I hope the buzzing settles over by you, and everyone (wishful thinking) can find solace in quiet..unheard of I know, but too much bustle brings out the lions in all of us. I see it as a mom..when I'm busy busy busy around the house, scuttling here, sweeping there, wiping that, my boys become anxious with my busy manners..a good reminder to pay attention to their own moods and put down the sponge removing my gloves after washing my floor on knees.


Portia said...

The crowds offer a false sense of security...who would dare commit such a crime with such an audience? Come to find out all sense of security is false. I will never understand these things and I think that might be ok.

austere said...

Update: The Amul Show featured a visit to Nanavati Hospital,where Toshi is being treated, he had a bandage on his head but seemed ok otherwise.

Of course the mental fear will take time to go.

He should be all right, with the blessings of the heavens.