Monday, January 28, 2008

I’ve watched him the last few days, walking back home from work; not quite staring, but not looking away either. Wrinkled face, a little bemused, he’s seated on a raised platform in front of a shop, watching the night traffic go by. He’s completely incongruous in attire better suited to small village Kathiawad: a white turban, an overshirt called an angarkha, a dhoti, stick in hand. Better dressed to herd a flock of cattle home. But he’s seated by a display of scantily clad, perfectly-proportioned mannequins, with cascading curls, or straw colored blunt cut hair, watching a sea of Hondas and Indigos coast by, and the contrast is quite something.


mystic rose said...

heh. :)

Portia said...

Oh, yes. Something about finding this contrast in the city is so much more appealing than, say, finding some industrial chaos in the countryside.

I hope you are well.

abbagirl74 said...

He sounds beautiful.

Quin said...


things like this, they make life...sweet to savour.

austere said...

thank you, everyone.

They do, don't they?


the ying and yang of marketing,..grabbing all kinds! :)
Good evening to you my dear friend!

AmitL said...

That conjures up a nice picture-however,for clarity's sake,how about a pic,Austy?

Reshma said...

wish i could get inside his head to soo what he sees.

Tinky Toinkers said...

there you are, stringing words to form pretty pictures as usual :)
kem cho? long time huh?

austere said...

crusty- I think his son owns the shop, in which event he's laughing to the bank..

amit- not right is it, just to photograph someone like that? pretty rude, methinks.

resham- heh. would be interesting to try write that, wonder and grumble.

hey toinka- been a while, you bet. Nice to see you here. You lucky gal, you missed out on the not-pretty parts.