Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maybe there is something to this theory of filling in the blanks: I build 300 word stories with grand scale, with cunning and deceit, criminal code complexity and conspiracy, where the girls are necessarily not nice, gentle and pretty; but not raving stock market maniacs, and the men handsome, completely complex and unpredictable, but it is the sheer scale that surprises me, not for us a domestic story littered with he said and she said’s.


sathya said...

Hi Aust,
Still pondering over the last sentence of the previous post,
"when teenagers play for pocket money"

This was totally true of the inexperience and greed that got me!

Will tell you of one very sad thing that i ended up doing either via sms or sometime on IM...


austere said...

ooh. You dabbled in options? that'd be silly.
If its fundamentally good, hold for a while...
Not options, right?


The he said she said is so common in marriage...very annoying if you ask me!

austere said...

I'm shocked at the Trump-like scale I try and build into three hundred word scrawls, must be a devious devilish mind I possess under a goody two shoes facade.

Sometimes you learn something new abt yourself, and say uh-huh??