Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The specialist practices in the next suburb. Ghatkopar, or beyond the hills. Only, its not verdant hills anymore, just highrises and shanties and a road that climbs, curves and dips. The auto fellow takes a long road to take a short cut, a sleek new road with a flyover and a road that races past a lake and some fancy riverfront apartments with names of flowers. Only one crawls past in the most horrendous traffic jam, inch by inch, and a “ten-minute only” short cut takes one hour to navigate.

Saturday was interesting. As in a test of patience. After two false starts to register customer names, there is finally one more “ register or take your money back” directive from the government for people who put their money with mutual funds. I spent half the day trying to submit forms correctly filled in.

Watched Jab We Met (hilarious) and Laga chunri mein dagh (schizoid, the two halves of the movie don’t match).


Portia said...

Half a day just to claim what's yours! It is good to have patience but never fun to test it.

soleil said...

mane pan gamyu jab we met. have taare zameen par is next! :)


talk about the road less traveled with Frost..somehow this driver doesn't follow that thought!
Too bad for change with beauty of green..sometimes it's good, but others, when it steals beauty, it only makes us tsk tsk and shake our head in saddness.


austere said...

Portia- and this is the THIRD time around the govt is trying to get its act together.

soleil- the reviews are super. so is the title song. Khoya Khoya Chand next for me, Sudhir Mishra is a class director and Ms Pataudi has acted beautifully, one reads.

crusty- :) We have two green pockets that we are giving up rather quickly here, but development wins. everytime.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy..that's quite an adroit description of a 'short cut'.I wonder how much time the regular route takes? I believe it's the same shortcut I used to take,going from Andheri to my first Co's factory in Thane, right past the Powai area?

And, hey, what was this 'register or take your money back' thingy?Do let me know.I didn't read about it.


The green pockets are hard to get rid of, especially when they bring such calming soothing emotions..how can one reflect when looking at steel, metal and concrete..build build build more important to those that crave the $$$$.. it's disheartening..land was created as a gift and they are taking it away to have the enery costs raised.


Quin said...

the roads and the film mesh.

austere said...

No, no- Amit, you probably took the route past the IIT; but here you actually get into Hiranandani and then breeze right past the offices and malls, and then whrn you think the complex is over and done with you reach a gate of some sort, and past it a tea stall, a cow shed, the roads turns and dips scarily and THERE! Ghatkopar, voila!

Quin- the first movie is NICE, boy meets girl in train, fun and etc.
The second one began reality based, lovely photography, heart tugging story line, despair and THEN the Director oded on Danielle Steele; so the escort-call girl gets to marry the rich tall dark 'andsome by the last frame.
No mesh alas.

austere said...

The city is development crazy,Crusty.You rem those flats I'd seen househunting? The rates per sq ft up 30% in less than two months, I kid you not.
Soon artificial trees lining them avenues.