Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A flock of black dots a peach sky.
It is colder than usual this morning.
Only a few have stepped out.
A bed of sunflowers slowly unfurls, lazily stretches to greet the sun.
A dewdrop is poised at the edge of a jade bamboo leaf.
Extravagant gold lights up the sky
A new year .


abbagirl74 said...

At the stroke of midnight, I was laying in bed listening to all of the very loud fireworks (yawn!).

Janet Grace Riehl said...

Nice images here. Looking forward to being on the Van Gough Blues book blogtour with you.

Janet Riehl


wonderful words, and in 6sentences! You should submit this!


Anonymous said...

Thank you austere. Thank you for your wishes. Thank you for your posts, your writing, I always find it enriching, a pleasure to read.
I hope this new year will bring good and happy things and times for you!
Ein gl├╝ckliches Neues Jahr!

Anonymous said...

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austere said...

abbagirl- you heard the new year roar, eh? :)

absolutely, Janet-look forward to reading your blog and your interview treatment too!Isnt the world an amazing place?

crustyy... you ROCK! Amazing, six lines and I didn't see!

mago- you are mago the magician, thank YOU. there is an abba song, have you heard it- happy new year, happy new year..

barb- thanks but no thanks, and a super year!