Thursday, February 11, 2010

The last week has been hectic. To sum it up, meeting after meeting across cities, hour after hour till one’s head was spinning, on the positive side it only strengthened one’s resolve. And then the matter of setting the home ready before, meals and all; and in some modicum of working order after. The first time in three years that I’ve missed my weekly writing, and how it rankles. All mailboxes running overfull. A modicum of order restored now, almost in control.

Watched y’day a fragment of The White Balloon. So simple and so stunning.
Also began Mirrorwork with a story by Manto titled Toba Tek Singh. Beautiful, to make the reader laugh and cry at will.

Thinking about the wild turns- crazy loops- that destiny takes.


shooting star said...

i like manto!!!..very in your face and exposing the hypocrite indian society!!!!

shiv said...

true.... i still remember the story titled " Sir Gangaram" i think... great stories by him

Anonymous said...

It is very pleasant to hear you again.

AmitL said...

Wild turns-crazy you said it...the last week's been unbelievable, still everything's turned out for the best.Will post shortly.

PQ said...

I have always imagined working a job where I can visit so many different places and people...since we always keep seeing a boring monitor :-)

austere said...

shooting- I discovered Ruth praver Jhabvala and Rohinton Mistry too. Awesome.

Shiv- not read this one.

mago-ditto, ditto.

amit- where's the news wala post?

pq-let's exchange. But i cant write code to save my life!