Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For all the people googling for "Gulmohar" and reaching my page.


mark said...

lovely is previous post, "Another 23rd"

AmitL said...

Nice,Gulmohar is another catch word for google,I guess.:)
Re. the prev. post- sigh!Yes,sometimes,beautiful memories are all that are left of some phases of and people from one's life.

Anonymous said...


Anil P said...

Soon. it'll be time for the gulmohars. And I cannot wait for it enough :-)

PQ said...

Nice one...I've seen this before in the slideshow at the right

austere said...

PQ- suddenly got a TON of hits for "gulhomar" :))

Anil- thanks for the visit. Yes, soon indeed if you can find the trees. bmc has been on a chopping spree.

magobhai- smile back

amitl- yep. I guess make the most of memories, then.

mark- shukriya. :)