Saturday, February 13, 2010

In the last few days I’ve OD’ed on movies, the result of a cable upgrade; The White balloon, The Singing Nuns and on Showtime, Love aaj kal. Vastly different story strengths and production values to each. Yet, for its simplicity, the White balloon touched my heart even though I know not a word of Persian.

A sufi singer listens to a flute recital and touches something in the air, gesticulating as if he is meeting an old friend or spots a thing of much wonder, amazed, as if he is picking up something only he can see. Such is the delight of special sunrises, and bougainvillea in overflowing pinks.
To life!


AmitL said...

I've read @"the white balloon"-might see it one of these days,when the mood is present, I just need comedies.:))

Arunima said...

to life!

PQ said...

Have been watching so much TV...plan to downgrade mine soon

austere said...

amit- this one is nice and tender, innocent. must watch. despite the language difference.

arunima- indeed!

pq- or watch more.since I dont go out much other than work, I watch till poora paisa ka hisaab.