Monday, February 15, 2010

More on that 1960’s vintage movie, The Singing Sisters (a rather sweet tale about a nun who produces an international hit with her rendition of a hymn):

The contrast with backstory (via wikipedia) is shocking; a tale peppered with grief and failure, rich in texture and layers, something Faulkner would have written. I read about this particular nun’s decision to leave the order, try and establish a career with music and fail, try and build a poorhouse, and then be hounded by the government for back taxes so much so that she and her partner take their lives. The story hasn’t left me, though its been a few days since.

And in miracles, suddenly at five past six this morning the CD drive on my comp, for long given up as dead and a traitor, certified as such by technician—well, it began to hum and function again. Of its own will and fancy, and wonders will never cease.

And the 9 kids who died in Pune's terrorist blast. RIP.
I wont let myself think of the parents. Not yet.


gckyufulgvfui; said...

you've been watching a lot of movies! well done :)

Arunima said...

congratulations on the ressurection of the cd drive.

i was in goa when the bomb blast happened. we were just saying that while we are away from the papers, there must be a blast happening somewhere. India! we are so predictable.

Anonymous said...

A coworkers monitor wasn't working once. As a joke, I just put my finger on the top as if it would make it work by mere touch. The joke was on me, the touch did work. No problem with the monitor after that. Very strange. Coworkers weren't sure to be happy or scared witness such a site. It was a fluke to be sure.

The terrorist blast and the children. This recently happened? I can't believe I didn't hear about it on the news here in the U.S. They must think there is nothing else to report but the winter Olympics. Like all other news just stops happening.

How sad!

Take Care,

AmitL said...

Ohh..a CD restarted working on it's own?Congrats..well,maybe it was just taking a bit of a rest-or, waiting for Uncle DVD drive to takeover..:)
The story @ the nun(wiki one) was quite sad,I say. Though,it could be that her calling in life was only to be a nun,so stepping out of a Lakshman Rekha was not the right change?

PQ said...

I had come before to glance thru all the posts that I missed on...was going to come back to leave comments and you did so before me...thanks for the welcome Austy...but I have been missing home so much :-(

Anil P said...

Sad ending. Need to see the movie. The first time I've heard of it here.

austere said...

my dear g something something i- oh yes you bet. tatasky special package specially created for me, paisa vasool

arunima- but its awful. 17 at last count. not to mentioned the maimed.

nimh- can I teleport you when the printer acts up? or just thought therapy should work just as well?
The blast was at a coffee shop, young IT kids, people just out of college, people in their first jobs. the people who did it should be hung.

amit- I don't know. it should not have been so bad, this is so sad in the revenge factor life played with her.

pq- you know what they say about the gift of roots and wings?

anil- well, i'm ok with old old movies, but are you? quite cute the movie was in retrospect.