Friday, June 26, 2009

The Neighbors, my translation of the Gujarati story Padoshi by Pravinsinh Chavda, is up on Calque.

This story details two very different life trajectories, mindsets and expectations on the two sides of a fence in a lower-middle class locality. Sometimes life decisions are made much before one’s birth.


PQ said...

Me the first on u'r blog...hurray...ok know
I never realized the importance of translating and keeping the exact essence of the original. Wow, its actually an art in itself. You've done wonderful work.

austere said...

Thank you, PQ.

norrbu said...

Wonderful job Austere di. I don't recall coming across a writing where the dialogue occurs between the writer and the reader.

austere said...

Norrbu- thank you once again.

great to introduce Gujarat to distant Tibet.