Friday, June 05, 2009

A momentary quiet period.
What have I been up to?
Manic times at work. Plus the usual reading-writing.Plus running somewhat, a home.
Cutting 400 words from something one thought of as "finished work" a year ago, is painful.Humbling.
Been thinking. brooding.
Heard an expert talk about how we're not done yet, the brown shoots theory.
I agree. The markets dont. So I go back to thinking.
Anyone remember John Galt?
We're getting closer to Atlas Shrugged.
Amity Shlaes says it much better.
Link from Mint.
The red splash of the gulmohar can wait for a day.


Arunima said...

your posts always lead to more reading. :-)

hope the quiet period is a peaceful one. What about atlas shrugged? Do I have to read the link to get the whole point? ok, let me do that.

Anonymous said...

Shortening a text is always painful. A good exercise for this is writing articles for a lexicon. I remember well what a fight about nearly every word it was. And I only wrote four! I'll have a look on the itching Atlas.

quin browne said...

remember, stephen king was forced to shorten 'the stand' by 3000 words when it was first published.

he has said one of his greatest thrills was putting the words back in to have the book reissued when he was established.

you, too, will be putting those 400 words back in, and sooner than later.

quin browne said...

ps i'm all about john galt

austere said...

arunima- I hope you reached the link all fine.

mago- the worst is when you're fighting with yourself. :)
What is the historian's view of the crisis?

quin dear- I am my own worst critic. it was humbling to see how short the work was.

Mumbai 58 said...

isn't it good to be quiet sometimes and isn't it good that you have so many words too all at the same time?

austere said...

to both, a yep.