Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why should I always be there?
Always reachable. Always responsive. A generous dollop of a smile.
You’re welcome, thank you kindly.
A year, six months of silence, zero response to mails and its ok, matters not.
You can always pop across when you please. Of course I’ll be there, wont I?
Why should I always be there?
You got issues? I got ‘em too. Bigger, brighter, shinier. See?
I learnt up the polite one liner. Nice. Fine, thank you.


Anonymous said...

A little too trusting in the own charme, I guess.

austere said...

Lesson learnt- not to be polite all the time. Not to be dependable.

Alien said...

hmm.... that sounded quite close to heart... something identifiable with.

Shivkumar said...

Be there, inspite of all this only for your closest ones... otherwise be a mirror.. silence for silence, one-liner for one-liner

quin browne said...

i hear you, sister of heart.

austere said...

quin- :)

shiv- why?

alien- why, again. yep, sad.

atleast I got a speak out of you both.

Portia said...

Don't be hard on yourself. Issues abound and people still deserve respect. Not that i could tell you how to get it:)

Mumbai 58 said...

you sound so much like someone i know or probably someone i vaguely know

Arunima said...

sometimes, it doesn't matter if it is with very close friends. sometimes, it really matters if it is with very close friends.

austere said...

arunima- perfect. just perfect.

mumbai 58- sach? meena kumari, prechance? sigh. I know that was aiming too high. :)

you have a great blog too.

portia- then I am also having ten ten issues. No?