Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(At the Trident last week). Rottweiler. A menacing dog please. And a couple of Mossad type security guards. Surly, all-business.And I wanted bags and packages to be checked thoroughly. Any nonsense to be vaporized and sent to outer space. What I didn’t bargain for was business as usual; polished flooring you can see your face on, and gentle soothing music over the chitchat.
Echoes of the shouts, screams and the acrid smell of burning wood, charred flesh from 26/11 haunt one to high alert, dammit whatever did we learn?

How expectations tint the way we look at things. Ramchand Pakistani is a nice movie. Too nice perhaps. Maybe I’m a skeptical Bollywood movie watcher, with a high tolerance for gore. But I seriously wonder if a sulking child wandered across the border, would the return be as easy or the living as nice? We’re conditioned to watching grimier, grittier, unpleasant stuff.
Net- net - it was nice.


Portia said...

Already? Surreal. I find life to be surreal lately. I try shedding expectations altogether but it is IMpossible.

AmitL said...

There's a movie by that name?If it's 'too nice',I want to watch it.:)

austere said...

Portia - completely surreal. Daliesque.

Amit- Very moving work by Nandita Das. So much said in glances. And great photography of the desert and the harey bharey khet of THAT Punjab.