Saturday, February 28, 2009

Luck by Chance, a movie about the movie making business, is very good.
Raw. Gritty edged. Quick. Honest.

Some say you need to be an insider to “get it”.
Which is pshaw, stuff and nonsense.

(Film mags weren’t allowed at home. We saw maybe two movies/year. But I still “got it”.)

The movie picks up the thread from Zubeidaa in a way. That real life, manic magic.

Excellent story. Perfect casting.
Great dialogue- particularly when an incredulous scriptwriter pencils in unbelievable scenes on demand, also the screen test ones.

Farhan Akhtar is an unbelievable actor- perfect.

Sleek. Sharp. Maybe it cuts too close.

Just the perfect movie to ponder past a sleepless one am.
And you wonder how the same week can have both a great surprise and a what the *%*surprise.
Zoya Akhtar’s got it made.


quin browne said...

i wonder if i can find this online...

Anonymous said...

This is an Indian movie then. I'm the only person I know that likes Indian movies so I don't get to see very many of them. With rented movies costing $4.99 each, I hardly rent anything now. Like everyone else, too busy saving pennies.

I watch just enough news to know whats going on, but beyond that I must turn it off. Too scary, too depressing, just keep counting pennies and hoping everyone I know around the world and back again, is doing ok. Maybe not perfect, but ok.

Take Care dear!


AmitL said...

Hi, Austy-that decides it-I'll watch the movie this weekend..tks.:)
Quin, you can find it online-at

austere said...

amit- haan! waiting for your review.

proxima- I've lost several inheritances this year, peeled the skin off my back. But live quite frugally, always have. :) A movie rental now and then is a life saver.

quin- you tube?

Portia said...

i think you "get it" more than most

norrbu said...

Farhan Akhtar's brought in some metro sense. I know he can play the guitar. I hope he also knows some proper basketball.

What we really need is something agricultural. An average Indian audience is a riksha-walla - wonder how he feels about metro cinema.

I guess I should be satisfy just to see some reasonable films after people (and Karan Johar) in particular ruined it.

Happy to see F. Akhtar, A. Deol, V. Pathak and others like them. Sensible lots.

Arunima said...

loved it too. I like the sen sharma lady.

austere said...

arunima- specially the scene at the end, when she's self talking in that taxi. loved it.

norrbu- other than Dev D like movies (which I liked a lot, btw) that a village person would find over the top, I think the new crop based on sense would appeal alike. Movies like Malamaal weekly, even a simplified Dasvidanya...The story does not change.

San said...

loved the movie.