Friday, February 13, 2009

Smoke and mirrors, and charades. But we’ve tired this once, Mr. Minister. Do you seriously believe the grenades; AK 47’s and war-quantity ammunition for close to 4 days of battle were checked in as baggage? Or they reached the hotels marked as boxes of soaps and lightbulbs? Or they were carried in those flimsy backpacks we’ve seen so often in those dirty, unforgettable pictures?

Yes, it may well be election year, and you may well want brownie points, but like it or nor, 26/11 had local support.

Ammunition is one, access to the bylanes and shortcuts only a local knows is the other.

Yesterday I discovered one more shortcut- rather unorthodox, I must admit, and walking only-to get to the main expressway from my little spot in this big city- the fifth such meandering path I’ve found. No, you will not find this on Google Earth for all your money.

Perhaps its time to get real.


Portia said...

don't hold your breath you'll turn blue. insulting isn't it, as if you don't know.

peace + love from here to there

AmitL said...

Of course-the Minister always speaketh the truth he or she perceives as the truth- I can also imagine AK-47s hidden in red roses on Valentine's Day..:)

Anonymous said...

Walking in Mumbai. Miracles everywhere.

quin browne said...

governments nictitate.

it's why things like this and 9/11 happen.

austere said...

Quin- they play vote bank politics, all the time.

Mago- Couldn't say it better. Every step you take...

Amit- that'd make a great thriller. Rights?

Portia- thank you.