Monday, February 02, 2009

How dependent one gets on technology….black beyoooty was sulking.Unless I wanted to spend the next few days texting, and saying hello hello into a booming void a repair was must- found the closest Nokia Care Center, sat twiddling thumbs for an hour, luckily the repair man was quick; I'm just not sure if he did anything at all since he didn't give me a bill for 200/-, also the interiors needed a coat of paint if THIS is a part of the Nokia Service Experience. The next time I will go to the repairman down the lane. Quicker and cheaper. And no bill.

Isn't it wonderful?(insert image) The latest issue of Indian Literature. The look is leaner and the layout clean. Hep. The pages have a special fragrance, mitti ki khushboo, the scent of the earth.

This Saturday, at the park IDEAS staged a performance of one-act plays based on Premchandji's work. Perhaps it was me, perhaps it is these cynical times, for me the reality disconnect from 1920 was too much, we left after the second intermission.


AmitL said...

LOL-Austy,consider yourself lucky that your phone got repaired.Nowadays,they don't make them to last,you know!:)
Where the image for the Indian Literature?
Hehe!!You lasted till the second intermission?I'd have vanished before the first...only during school days did I perforce find Munshiji interesting!Even Malgudi Days needs a special mood,if I want to watch it!That reminds me, I do have a Chanakya DVD-got it from Nyayamandir during my last trip-haven't seen it yet...that maybe worth a watch?

Portia said...

I am so accustomed to my phone it's like another limb. Then you have my parents, neither of whom can work theirs, and yet their lives go on. It's amazing.

Because of B said...

time to get the 500 rupees laptop :D service bhi sasti hogi na

Proxima said...

I have a work cell phone only. I always forget to turn it on, but occasionally I remember to check for messages. At work I am always at my desk, besides what kind of Administrative Assistant emergencies could they possibly have on evenings and weekends?

Those that really need me, think of me so intently my ears burn and then their image appears so I give them a call. "I was just thinking of you!" they exclaim. The price is usually two tablets of Advil per summons. What a bargain.


austere said...

Arrey proxima! usual mortals don't have the hi tech, evolved advantage of thought processing so what to do- besides I don't like Advil much. I envy someone who can turn the cell off, mine stays on all the time, no choice. Good to see you here but.:)

B- am waiting for them to iron out the glitches and perfect it. :) And the repair fellas to get their act together.

Portia- I admit I'd be lost- specially when I have to travel as much. Now I have an ancient nokia handy, with the battery charged as a backup- just in case. ha!

Amit- you know apna desh. Everything can be repaired. Which I'm totally for.Our guys always would find a way. Wouldn't you expect a good cell to last atleast 3-5 years?
Chanakya is stupendous- I've watched the stage performance as well- thundering. For these plays I think the disconnect was just too much. Did clap hard, though.

AmitL said...

Ah,then,it's certainly on my list for tomorrow's weekend watching!!:)
And,a good cell-definitely...3-5 yrs should be it's min life..unless you drop it too many times...but,here,it's more like 2-3,of course,with the recession,people are a lil less crazy.I change my cell only when something goes totally wrong with it,like the previous Nokia one began freezing suddenly..:)