Saturday, February 14, 2009

That there are miracles.
This morning : that shocking thud, and that sight- you're lying on the floor, unconscious.
Now: you're sitting across, talking economics.

No broken bones, cognition seems fine, you wriggle toes on demand.
Thank you, Mister God.
I'm humbled.


AmitL said...

Whew!!That must've been a shock..thank God,indeed!Yes,I'm always left humbled,too,at such experiences,nee,miracles.

Portia said...

Oh Austere, so you did, what a fright and first thing in the morning. I'm so very glad everything seems to be alright now. Yes, thank you God. I know you'll take good care. Thinking of you..

Anonymous said...

... close.

Anz said...

Ouch! A close shave.

quin browne said...

tell the parent he has to stay healthy until i get there.

and, i, too, will thank god tonight for his well being.

milieu said...

Take Care. Good Luck.


you are amazing! ThANK YOU!! I LOVE IT! WOW! It's like the petal of a tulip I don't want to tarnish it with my chicken scratch!

Beautiful post btw as usual. and again, thank you!

WOW~ I don't know what else to say.

With THoughfulness and Friendship,

austere said...

amit- it was horrible, this was at abt 5.30 in the morning- I was in shock I think.

Portia- yes, scary as hell when you have to deal with this all alone.

mago- too close.

anz- yep.

quin- thank you, will do.

milieu- need the luck.

cruaty- you're welcome. thank you muchly.

Shivkumar said...

Take care... and take care of him....

austere said...

hardy lot, you arians.

Mumbai 58 said...

you write v well
scary and hypnotic at the same time

austere said...

Mumbai 58- scary? :) I was terrified, boss.