Friday, October 10, 2008

Market headlines: Panic returns. Carnage.
I guess that’s it. For the next five years. Or so.
When the index touched 18 k -One didn’t dance on the table or spew cash like confetti.
So one shuts the eff up.
And gets on with it.


manuscrypts said...

grin and beer :|

Anonymous said...

SO let's keep our countenance and do not allow those worldly things to touch onto the spiritualia.

Some heavy cursing may be allowed. Maybe throwing something against a wall. Monday it will all look different.
Do not be sad, do not despair. You get on.

Quin Browne said...

i am buying TWO wheelbarrows to carry my cash to the store to buy bread and milk.

and, i'm learning to make hobo stew.*

*no, you don't make it out of hobos.

austere said...

quin: ha. If only it were not so sad.Already veggies are hundred Indian rupees for a week's worth, too much, I say.
stuff I want to "OUT" I chop, churn, blend and make 6S out of.

mago- at this rate, I'll be cursing in many tongues. Not quickly- nope.

manu: eh. Thums up only for me.

AmitL said...

Austy,don't you think this is all more of a media play than anything? They've blown it so much out of proportion,that even level-headed people have panicked.

austere said...

Not media play re.
last week a family of four committed suicide in Borivali- market losses, debt.
So many retired people lost savings- what do they do now?

My portfolio is is a mess.

The US has completely mucked up everything for all their posturing on governance and accounting standards. Bush and Greenspan, between them have truly cooked the world's goose- Bin Laden couldn't have asked for more.