Friday, October 03, 2008

We let you down.
Maybe you always knew.
I return to the words- samdrashti ney kapat rahit chey.
One lifetime to live one word.


Epiphany said...

I think we just don't want to follow his path...too many easier detours available...

manuscrypts said...

we have moved on... on a different path

abbagirl74 said...


AmitL said...

Well said,Austy-I had a smile on my face at each sparrow swooping,picking up a rice grain...And,what nice memories of school days.Let me reminisce thusly one of these days and see what I can come up with-definitely not as nicely as you did,I'm sure.:)
Flying kites for Utran,dark glasses and cap inscribed 'Friend'-whew-you mean that was you,in the Nyayamandir area,on a slanting rooftop?hehehe!:)
And,yes-well said again-we let Bapu down.And how!!

Baby Island said...

Another October 4, beautiful, I love the line "Whirr a sparrow swooped, picked up a rice grain, and then she flew away." I've missed reading you.

Anonymous said...

Time timetime ... our heads are filed with time. Pictures stored in synapses.

Who is Bapu?

austere said...

Mago- Bapu is Gandhiji. Those words are from a bhajan or prayer in Gujarati, called Vaishnava jan to- it was his favourite prayer, and each word has such weight.
Sometimes memories is all you have, then you brush the dust off and watch them shimmer. :)

babyisland- I MISST YOU but mainly the terrific three. that line is from an old tale you tell chillern when they wont go to sleep, the tale goes on and on..

amit- Yup. I was thinking of Noakhali and the complete clean courage of the man.
Sometimes, memories are all, and you wonder if they'll trip away the older you get, so you write about them.
My masi has a house in the market area, you need to clamber onto the roof on a weird staircase of tables and chairs, jumping about shouting katiyeeee is manadatory. :)


manu- is there a path at all? any specific number of paths? or just tp trailing about?

epiphany- sometimes I feel like revisiting that "Light has gone out of our lives" speech by Pt. Nehru- we studied it in school- seems we've just got deeper into a quagmire.

Arunima said...

it was just a dry day for many.

norrbu said...

why does the sparrow not change - the impermanence of things - both good and bad - upsets me.

austere said...


norrbu- :) do we? change?
I liked your sensitivity.


WOW I'm awe struck by this! :)

How was your celebrations?
New dresses and colors each day, right?


Quin Browne said...

i thought i'd left a word or two here... i'm sorry i am late, if only because the delight reading them gave me was self serving. i love the repeated line, so fluid. and the pictues the rest painted were superb.