Saturday, October 11, 2008

If only I had a copy, if only the Gods that rule the Post Office had been kind.
Apparently I have a translated story in print. Finally finally.
A translation of Pravinsinh Chavda’s Sudamacharitra.
From Gujarati into English.
In Indian Literature, which is published by Sahitya Academi, N Delhi.
Sahitya Academy is India’s National Academy of Letters.
This is the first acceptance of a translation in five years.
Feels good. But also distanced.
Which I can’t explain.


burf said...

what were the reasons for them not being accepted?

AmitL said...

Wow-congrats!:)But,why distanced?

manuscrypts said...

hmmm, nice, the translator (name) and the protagonist have what Fb would call 1 mutual friend - Krishna... congrats :)

Anonymous said...

nothing happens to heros

Anonymous said...

I remember Dharmendra shot eight times, after which he managed to kick the crap out of the goondas, annihilate their entire army and then hung on to a flying helicopter that took him across a river, over a forest and to his girl, safe and sound.

You see, nothing happen to the heros.

Anonymous said...

They will deliver, regular, normal, in time - as always.
Isn't it a great feeling to get a text out and printed?

And yes I will include Mr AB in a prayer.

Quin Browne said...


i am so proud and happy for you..

mystic rose said...

Thats awesome!!! :)

austere said...

mystic: thank you. And PLEASE give it a shot.

quin: thank you. :)

mago- looks like it. :) You know, one doesn't really really believe till one sees it? Yes the feeling is super- one feels validated. If you know what I mean.

norrbu- I truly hope so. But Mr AB has been through so much. Too many operations. Not good for the system.All that cutting and pasting.

manuji- like moi, there is a twist to the story, all turvy topsy.

amit- I wish I knew.

burf: zero cleavage, the women wear half veils and speak in silences. Who wants to read that? So no or very limited market. :)



I like what someone said here about heros;;;so true!


austere said...

Crustymom- thanksbetoyou.

Re heroes am keeping fingers crossed.

Portia said...

YES and Hurray!