Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Relativity,with a different spin.
“Go to a proper doctor. Go now!” I say, staring at the funny prescription from a doc with a string of funny degrees.
The girl sitting quietly in the corner nods, changes into her uniform, spends the next two hours tidying up the salon, wiping spotlessly clean surfaces.
Money trouble. Such a relative term. No cribbing.
Worst case, the sky wont fall down.

Garvi Gujarat.

added Oct 9: That girl is doing quite ok. Checked t'day.


Reshmi said...

Austere, I completely overlooked your blog..with always rushing in and out of the AB blog!

I have decided to go private for the time being on my blog after the IMP visited it. In a few days, I will reopen and see where that takes us.

Thanks for explaining. I do not understand Hindi and I was just seeing a few words that I understood and still did not understand the gist. Can you still explain to me? I am curious!

Baby Island said...

Ok so who is Nano? As for seeing a proper Doc, hard to do when money is involved or a lack of it. Be wary of funny prescriptions dear Austere.


Anonymous said...

You're having Doc troubles too eh? I don't trust anyone in a white coat as a general rule of thumb.

Take Care,

austere said...

proxima, baby- no doc troubles for me. but for the girl in the salon. One advantage of being a sometime pharmacist is being able to self medicate.

reshmi- did you mean my comment or something that sir wrote? I understand abt the troll.

Nano is a prestigious car project that's going to create 10,000 plus jobs in my home state. because of political reasons they had to shift from another state after building the plant- and my home state stepped in with the best deal. This is BIG.

manuscrypts said...

modi might have got his next term sealed up after that coup..

Ricercar said...

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY."??? I didnt think you would be one of the gloaters, somehow :)


glad that she's okay, sad that she has to continue to work work work inspite of her illness..

Feel free to blame the USA's CHIEF OF THIEF.

Still raining?

Quin Browne said...

beware our possible first chief, even if he wants to be your friend.

glad all is well with her.... and, you, too, i suppose?

burf said...

good new both

austere said...

burf- yep.

quin- yes,more or less, yes.

crusty- both Billyboy and Alan Greenspan.

ricer- no culture we have, no polish, no sophisticashun. but jobs we create, hopefully.

manu- doesn't need an election.. but absolute power corrupts, sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Good for Gujarat I hope. The real good thing is the first all Indian car - yes, India can do it.
Money troubles, everywhere.

AmitL said...

Hey,wasn't that great news?Coz once a 'nano'comes,the rest will follow.I remember there's already a General Motors plant near Baroda.