Thursday, May 08, 2008

When I’m busy tense, the sort that’s all prickly nerves but not much work, I cook. Hence the hunt last night for my grandmother’s cookbook, succor, order and who knows what in its tattered pages and just-about-there spine. Looking for spices I can ground to an obedient powder to add signature flavor and body to the routine. Just about there cardamom and a dash of clove… As I peer at the strange measures, all zero’s and ones, tola, adha and pa, measures long since discarded, I wonder what exactly I’m looking for, and what stops me from reaching for the store-bought stuff sitting pretty in its container.


Because of B said...

conversion kaise kiya fir?

PQ said...

Austy, you have patience to do that. Got to learn that. I use so much of readymade stuff.

And yes, Vighnaharta heard me...I'll be staying a job :-)

Baby Island said...

Oh dear Austere, I love a good cook fest myself when I am feeling something, you know, that something. I have my own jar of cardamom, which I enjoy throwing into the most random of dishes. I am a spice lover, not necessarily hot spicey (it has its place) but spice filled. To feel, smell and taste the bit and smudges of all the ingredients is heaven to me. I am such a lover of cooking and enjoying my own made food that it almost kills me to have toddlers right now. they just wont have it! I try from time to time and one may acquiesce but rarely. They still want simply foods without much happening which leads me to easy and FAST for them.

I do have hope with minion No 3, she dove into a bowl of hot and sour soup from the local Chinese restaurant a few weeks ago, and I thought, MY GOD, she'll be an eater!! Woo Hoo

Minion No.1 with his Down Syndrome and texture and sensory issues has been a slow eater, but alas, the other night at my mothers house he downed two small dishes of her home made scalloped potatoes, full of pepper and onions. Sigh. I nearly cried with happiness.

Soon, soon, they will be MY children and become accustomed to my spice riddled meals and forays into the unknown gastronomic delights.

I have patience. :)

austere said...

b- heard of "pulled out of thin air"?

prajakta- that's the best news all month. DARN GOOD.Really proud.

babyisland- that, now is a SIX.
Gimme a high five, pls.
You are going to have tons of fun the road ahead, know that?

Portia said...

It's just not the same is it?