Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Had written this yesterday, but not posted:
Storms rage overhead. I watch horrified. Somewhat relieved. Not me/mine. Anxious too. This monsoon the skies will pour, like crazy. Chengdu. Xian. Schoolchildren. ohwhatcanyousay. Its raining in Myanmar, furious pelting rain, after the cyclone. Storms that eclipse personal catastrophes. What a tiny speck of insignificance man is, completely useless for all the posturing and shoo-shaa.

Now its me/ mine.

You can go to buy vegetables and be blown apart. Or miss a limb.
The authorities will make the usual noises. Then the case will fizzle out. Like the commuter train blasts.
When do we hit back at the terror-sponsors? When will the US stop mollycoddling Pakistan?


Akshay said...

Yeah .... just makes me so sad....!!

Portia said...

helpless, i'm sorry.
thoughts and prayers and vibes. not enough but forthcoming all the same.

Anonymous said...

mollycoddling, that's an interesting word. Doesn't Pakistan have nukes? Maybe that make the US govt hesitate some.


AmitL said...

yup-been a week of disasters-natural and man-made-from the earthquake in China,cyclone in Burma to the tornado in Florida to the blasts in Jaipur-someone told me 'this is just the beginning'.Well,wait and watch.Global changes coming about.

Hey,hope my June hols don't end up being spent at home,if monsoon is striking(hate that word now)early..

Arunima said...

i am readuing the glass palace based in Burma and then I hear about the events in Burma.

Once, a bomb blasted just behind my mom's two wheeler. She saw people blown apart but she survived as she was still riding. In my state, I think everyday someone dies from the gun.

Quin Browne said...

rain, wind, slashing in the air is a time when you wish to be indoors, and relishing your safety... a time of shuddering enjoyment of the vicious slap in the face from nature. i remember huddling down during hurricanes, not being bright enough or old enough to understand the fury being thrown about, only the comfort as i listened to betsy or camille as she roared about our home. not realising what she did to others whose homes didn't survive.

ah, my country. well, perhaps if there were oil to be had, they'd step up and do something.

i can only apologise.

and one voice is a tiny bleep of sorrow among the howls of wolves.

abbagirl74 said...

Beautiful words, but so sad.

Anonymous said...

They won't stop. Sorry.

austere said...

Thank you, everyone.

Akshay-I feel sad and helpless and angry.. see how its no longer newsworthy?

Portia- thank you.

Proxima- we also have nukes. the arms the US supplies for fighting tribals in Waziristan, ends up miles away, much to their ignorance.

Amit- I sure hope your oracle wasn't prophetic. Its going to be an intense monsoon, I know that.

Arunima- the north east is a mess. Why no industry? that would give hope, help some. Why does it have to be like this? Your mom had a close call. touchwood.

quin- just my anguish, didn't mean to hurt. I used to quite enjoy the elements in their fury, not any more.

abbagirl, mago- they won't, now, will they?

Baby Island said...

Oil, the US, our current state of affairs with this horrid evil president and his cabinet or bad bad men. Not sure how much will change with a new president in place but please let it be a non-war mongering democrat. I am a pessimist though because I think US policy makers are all puppets on some crazy ass $$/oil strings regardless of who is in office at this point.

Then there is Global Warming, these tragic storms and not enough relief between them or for them.

Terror and storms, too much sometimes you know? NO, all the time, it is too much. I look at my own babies and wonder what is in store for them someday and it is frightening, even somewhat removed here on Baby Island.

I will send you a photo of the twins after the Tsunami in 2006, when I spammed every contact on my list to give aid. :)

Baby Island said...

eh, 2005, my bad