Friday, May 02, 2008

5 things that surprised:

-the handmade patchwork quilt in crazy colors airing on the fence of that enviable slice of real estate, a buffalo shed, squat by the express highway with the shiny cars; right next to the marble tiled apartment that costs 1.5cr

- the trees alit with purple blooms by the Santacruz flyover. The flyovers were a delight, traffic free.

-jamming with the kid on the synthesizer, he played a passably good kal ho na ho. And the beat in Khaikey paan. The child is so na├»ve for a baniya’s son.

That’s three. The rest didn’t.



but three surprises are far better then none. :)

What does Baniya mean?

Oh yes, the colors of that flower sound delightful!


Because of B said...

so lets create the rest 2 surprises :D

Arunima said...

But what were those? I mean those that did not surprise.

austere said...

crusty- you bet! a baniya is someone from the trading community, and supposedly endowed with great numerical and business skills, shrewd.

b- do that!

arunima- that laughter feels breathless great, that the queue at Cafe Madras spills over on the main road, that the smell of roasted coffee powder at King's Circle tickles your senses. :)

Portia said...

Nice:) I love surprises. Will have to be looking out for some also..

Baby Island said...

Here's a surprise, my comment!! Back and remembering how much writing and reading with my friends is important and cathartic.

Who's the kid you were jamming with?