Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A no-word tribute to Dadaji, my grandfather, whose 108th b’day anniv was on the 24th.
It was his stubborn will that pushed the family out of the village else I’d still be there, waiting to fill water at a well in a hot dusty hopeless place.

Its beyond clammy, this ugly sweat at 85% humidity, by afternoon a scorching sun-a strange restlessness waiting for the first monsoon. Its going to be a thundering raging one, this season, an ole woman can feel it in her bones.


Baby Island said...

With respect a happy birthday anniversary to your grandfather and for you, what memories are packed in that mind of yours about the family leaving the dusty village?

As for the humidity, yuck. Cool drinks and shade for you and perhaps a slight breeze :)

Quin Browne said...

respect to him, and the courage and drive he passed on.

Portia said...

Props to your grandfather, what a ripple effect he has had on the world.

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Respekt und Referenz.

In the bones of an "ole woman"? :))

AmitL said...

Hats off to your Granddad-otherwise,blogworld would have missed out on a great writer,who'd instead have been just like those filmy lasses,standing in queue at the gaanv ka water pump.:)
85%?Good lord..tks for telling me..i'm removing all shirts and tshirts,which show me sweating,right now,from my luggage.

austere said...

yes, a ripple effect. Its scary sometimes when I think what the alternatives could have been for my generation. This generation got the best of chances, whether they caught them or let them wither was individual choice. The parent and the uncles did the train commute to the next town to go to class 5, plonked themselves at distant relatives homes to study, etc etc.
One has coasted through life, whistling, in comparision. And not done anything of comparable value in the "who wins amongst all cousins" sweepstakes.

mago- YES. All the white in my long flowing hair.