Wednesday, May 28, 2008


you say whattheeff.

what a day. aint over yet.


abbagirl74 said...

Sometimes? I say it all of the time... under my breath of course.

Quin Browne said...

deep breath.

each moment is new, untouched. put forth what you hope to see returned.


Portia said...

hugs from me too.

Anonymous said...

It too will pass.

Baby Island said...

Well, here's to that. I am having the same day.

whattheeff is up with that?


manuscrypts said...

funny.. i think today'll be such a day for me :|

Anonymous said...

Saprem Namaskar, ba'saheb. :-)

Was saying that all the while when things were smooth. Suddenly realized that I'm enjoying stuff more when things get rough -- more swearing at the world, more getting yelled at by wife for swearing, but generally better meaning and rhythm to life.

Strange, what a life, methinks. :-)

The ride's almost always better for these bumps--else too many good things passes by without being noticed/appreciated.

-- once in a whiler Heretic

sanguine said...

all good today ?

everything works out after a good night's sleep , my ma says . and i believe it right .

AmitL said...

Sigh!!!Even I feel like saying that many times,but,I'm too polite,so,I just mutter'Damn'and count to 10!Hope today's better.

BTW,kaal thi,ame Vadodara ma chhiye!!

austere said...

Thank you, everyone.
Means tons.

It was something that affected the place I work in. Some times my reactions can be so visceral.

Amit-maybe take a look at the financial papers of the last couple of days? Welcome to the good old home town. Nothing like her, is there?

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

I dunno whats the right thing to say... what happened?

I would say "this too would pass"


Veteran of a hundred such days!

sathya said...

was it the Taro thing?

austere said...

sathya- I guess gear up for more of the same. :)
yup, it was.

Heretic- DELIGHTED to see you here, just delighted, young man.
Hope you've been good. And the missus as well.