Tuesday, May 06, 2008

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The concert on Saturday morning was held at the park. As the first notes of Ahir Bhairav spun out, a cuckoo responded with a cascade of golden notes. Nat bhairav, a Kabir bhajan and a Bhairavi piece created magic for the ten- odd listeners amongst a sea of chairs. The regular walkers kept intent on their ten-minute-stride-and-done.


AmitL said...

This looks more like Sayaji Park than some place in Mumbai...a big smile at the cuckoo's cascade of golden notes.:)


beautiful! And count me in as what would be one of the ten odd listeners..I love all types of musical notes. :)


Quin Browne said...

not having access to my laptop (no internet...you wonder how we survive!) has caused me to not have access to my daily reads...and i have missed the calm i receive from you and from dear solomon.

i found this quote, have carried it, wanting to post it...it reminds me of you:

"form no habits except the habit of telling the truth"-morarji desai.

it was not the speaker, but, the words that had me tear it out of the paper and tuck it away.

it shall become a mantra for me.

Arunima said...

there is a park near my house which plays bhajans in the morning.

Because of B said...

finally bhagwaan ne meri sun li
photo posting shuru ho gayi :)

austere said...

Amit- this is from a park near the place where I live. It used to be a dumping ground, till a citizen's association applied to create a garden. When it was time to renew the license, of course people were made to run about for all of three years!

crusty- send you the mp3 if I get it.

quin- I had the privilege of working on an essay about the great man, coauthored with his then-executive assistant. So many of the systems that keep India stable today, were thought of in his time. Will mail you the essay, reading it is optional.

arunima- good! let's hear you sing "vaishnav jan to"

b- arey ayega toh karega na. hum toh point and click wale insaan hain. :)

Portia said...

What a symphony! Sadly that sort always reminds me of my trips to the zoo when I was younger...the chaotic songs of the caged birds there haunt me every time I hear another.

PQ said...

I haven't heard a cuckoo for so long...I heard so many of them back home...wish I could be home...have you learnt music? I had learnt Carnatic as a kid.