Tuesday, February 19, 2008

khakhra (roasted roti) with cheese spread/honey/ sesame masala. And the yellow khakhra is the store-made one, fenugreek flavored. Biscuits, meetha, a citrus fruit called Mosambi (dont know the English equiv) and a glass of guava juice from a carton.


abbagirl74 said...

Looks interesting. Probably tastes very good too!

Portia said...

My mouth is watering for that bread! Good thing it almost lunchtime:)

Baby Island said...

Oh I am starving, going to head to the kitchen and carb load now and I can blame you my dear. Now where did I put the cheese spread..

Ok the closest thing in my kitchen is bagels and cream cheese. It will do for now!

Portia said...

spreading the love!

sathya said...

Hi Aust,
Mosambi is it sweet lime?

And dieting kya?


austere said...

abbagirl- filling but not too heavy and you can eat it quickly.. plus uses up the leftover rotis, so that's thrifty too.

portia- send some flavored khakhra your way...?

babyisland- carbs move the world.. well I spread the cheese very sparingly, and not more than twice a week...

portia- OH THANK YOU! :))

sathya- no diet, too much of the good thing already on my frame, but the dinners go haywire.
Sweet lime? Dunno.


ahhh, fenugreek...took that many times while nursing my children to help with the milk flow.
the meal looks delicious! The cheese spread I wish I could devour right now!