Saturday, February 16, 2008



Portia said...

Beautiful! The light and colors feel very soft:)


the staircase has some history it jumps out at me..something sad though too, I don't know why I feel that, but it seems there were many hurried steps on this particular case.

The 2nd picture with the sky reminds me of springtime!

THanks dear Austie!
Happy Days!

abbagirl74 said...

Love the staircase!

austere said...

portia- thank you, and it was so good in my heart to see this place because it was entirely unexpected, bonus points for me. :)

crusty- now you've got me thinking. brooding kind of atmosphere that place seems to have. uh huh. story!
c'mon flash fiction!

very nice the temp is, now over 33 deg C already.

abbagirl- thank yous

Baby Island said...

That stone looks so soft, I want to put my hands on it. I bet it's warm.

sathya said...

Awesome Pictures! Elphinstone is a college is it?

austere said...

babyisland- it was HOT that time of the day.. such a old place, awesome sense of history, some of the freedom fighters circa 1940's studied there.

sathya- Tata, Bhulabhai Desai, Pherozeshah Mehta... illustrous names each single one of them. Yes a college,and when I peeked into a classroom, some pigeons were cooing and fluttering over ancient benches.