Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eight things, more or less.
Because Quin said so.

8 things I’m passionate about

Baba, my eightyfour year ole sweetheart.
The stockmarkets, whattaride...
Words, 3 languages, thankyouverymuch
Street food
My India.

8 Things I Want to do Before I Die

Go to Istanbul. No I dunno why, but I must must MUST.
Have one book of translations published (not PDO or self publish)
Take a train that runs cross country, Jamnagar to Gauhati or Cochin to Jammu , where I can hop on and off the train at will, stopping wherever it I feel like
Take a year off to return to “real life”, maybe work in a store, too ivory towerish this life is sometimes
Own my home: glass finish kota tiles, at least one decoupage wall, bookshelves lining the corridor, nice long windows with flowing curtains, yes?

8 Things I Say Often

donkey (gadhedo chey) and its completely colorful variants
oh hell
On the other hand…

8 Books I've Recently Read

I have very little free time at home. I just about manage snippets:

The Shambhala Way
Van Gogh Blues
Navneet Samarpan, a literary magazine in Gujarati, where I’m trying to read a piece about the autobio of a child prodigy-author
Last Sunday’s Hindu Businessline and a pile of financial n’papers, and this never ever ends

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over

Dil se/ ARR
Kholo kholo/ TZP/ Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Vaishnav Jan toh / Various
Udi udi udi/ ARR
Send your love remix / Sting
Michelle/ Beatles

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

they’re funny and bright
they’re honest and upfront
they don’t give a damn about appearances
they’re real. I cant explain this one. I cant stand fakes.


Quin Browne said...

oh! i didn't think about a train ride! perhaps because i used to ride the train when i was a child..

and, yes, colours, i love colour!

this is why i like these, not to do them myself, to see what amazing answers i get from others so i can say, "OH NO!!! i didn't think of that!!"

abbagirl74 said...

Very good list!

Baby Island said...

This is nice to read, a little window to you! I also have some Sting I could listen to again and again.

I also want to own my very own home someday, not like the last two times with a man on the title.. Just me.. Sigh...

austere said...

thank you, quin, abbagal and babyisland...

You've heard Desert Rose, Fields of Gold? The thing with Sting is I have phases of Sting-mania. And then I don't.

Portia said...

great meme! *real* is a very important vibe for me to get from a friend as well.

austere said...

right, no?
weird how one cannot define it, but one knows what it is. :)

sathya said...

Hi Aust...
Isthanbul hmm... no wonder major Orhan Pamuk reading n all :-/

Someday Korea will wait for me :)


Anonymous said...
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