Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It’s a game I often play with myself, traveling to town.
This time too, I have fun.
The colors of the bangles glinting in lazy sunshine, from the huge box that the bangle-seller is carrying on his shoulder.
The trains are wearing a new color, a smart gray- red.
The brilliant blue on the Reliance Mobile Ad kiosks.
So that’s three.
And sun-dappled stone of Elphistone College, what color is that?

I went for the translation workshop over the weekend.
The translation workshop is part of the kalaghoda festival. Read more about it here.
I was there to learn what exactly I was doing wrong.
And learn what I could do to get someone to read.
Even the rejection letters are dust coated now.
The group allowed for personalized attention.
I shall forever be indebted.
I learnt about possibilities.
Now to figure out how to write a synopsis.

Elphistone is majestic. The corridors echo with history.
A plaque in the foyer lists distinguished alumni. Such as JN Tata. Bhulabhai Desai. Setalvad.
A list of Principals of the college goes back to 1845.
The Department Archives, Govt of Maharashtra is in the wing opposite. Or so I learn, just walking past, for a look.
Unsettling, somehow, to see documents with the Peshwa’s seal.
And letters that Subhash Chandra Bose wrote, and Gandhiji wrote.

And the street fair?
A riot of colors, noise- excitement, great installation art, and too many people.
What color is that?


Quin said...

the colour? tangerine.

Baby Island said...

I asked my daughter this morning..

I blogged it :)


Lovely despcriptions for those of us planted a world away! Thank you!

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-that brings back memories,I'd say!Nice descriptions..sun-dappled stone of Elphinsto(i?)ne college-what colour indeed?*scratches head*

Let me read about the translation workshop now..

Also want to read ur interview-that looks like something grrrt!But,I couldn't find much spare reading time this last week.

Portia said...

Elphistone College sounds like a moving, energetic place. Was the workshop on writing or publishing? In any event, I hope it was useful. I remember taking young writers' workshops when I was much younger. They really got things flowing out of me that don't think I could begin to reach now. I'd like to do it again someday.

austere said...

Voila! tangerine it is, warm woozy glow on a century of textured stone.

babyisland- YOU BET! COLOR!

AMITL- oye you read the interview and read the ARCHIVES. You'd better, ya? I think you need to. Haven't seen a longish story or a stub in a while, haven't we?

Portia- On writing. On hopefully getting published some day. Yes, that rememberance rubbed off on your words, looks like. :)

Anonymous said...

Majestic building and institution. And I saw that one can learn German there.
Tangerine, yes any kind of red and orange.