Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First babyisland, and then abbagirl, I’ve been tagged once too often on this one, so, here we go:

Page 123, skip 5 lines, write the next 3:

The Secrets of the Shambhala/ James Redfield:

..Even if we wanted to give Tibet its freedom, it would not be fair to the Chinese.”
He waited for me to say something, and I thought about confronting him with the government policy of importing Chinese nationals into Tibet in order to dilute the Tibetan culture. Instead, I said,” I think they just want to be free to pursue their religion without interference."

I’ve learnt quite a bit about intuition, energy fields and outcomes from this book, it has helped declutter my mind quite a bit. Now I just step away from things or people that my mind tells me to avoid.


Portia said...

Ah, you make it sound so simple:) Seems like it was an invaluable book.

I really I thought I already left a comment here, but every once in a while that happens....

Baby Island said...

I am ejoying seeing just what people are reading, and this looks very good. :)

Thanks for sharing!

austere said...

portia, babyisland- its a kind of a thriller with a spiritual theme...funny gold, eh?