Thursday, February 14, 2008

Its been a busy time. Dashing about two cities, just glimpses remain. Trying to cook and keep a basic meal for the days I’d be away. The middle aged British lady waiting in the queue for a security check, completely frazzled and desperately needing to talk, getting back after the flight she was on was diverted since she needed to be hospitalized, she was in hospital for five days and doesn’t know what for. The crisp voice of the pilot saying that the temperature on arrival in Delhi was four degrees, which is quite a bit away from Mumbai’s chill ten The young couple on a tour of the cold hill stations,Kulu and Manali all prepared with woolens and suchlike,waiting for their first glimpse of snow. The roads and trees which are as beautiful as ever, just hints of a regal past in places, and one envied the tremendous space they seem to have spare. The meetings which were like any other, but lunch that was served on the lawns, freezing despite sunshine. Being told you’ve been overbooked on the return trip, and pulling rank even though that is something you really don’t like to do. Returning to find that a wicked man has held a giant of a city to ransom. Walking home past rows of downed shutters. Leaving for town really really early the next morning to notice that the city is back on its feet again. Hint of news and learning to say thank you, Mister God. Realizing how beautiful a art deco spire and a silhouetted branch seems against evening ink dusk.


ravi agarwal said...

hi austere,

u write curtly and wonderfully .. especially the line "Returning to find that a wicked man has held a giant of a city to ransom" was fabulous. i wish i had your economy of words ...

good write .


Were you on my flight from Arizona to CHicago? I was concerned I'd have to divert due to illness.
Poor woman that needed to hear spoken voices, isolation is hard.
Change is hard.
But change is good!

Rest well and catch up from the travels, will always be there, it can wait, right?

Sincerely your friend,

Baby Island said...

You took me right to the roads and trees, now I long for the tremendous space. Perhaps because listening to my children fight and scream would be nicer out there rather than cooped up in here...

If a book meme is not too much pfaff, I've enlisted you in a game of tag. Check my blog and you can see that I find it somewhat pfaff-(ish)myself.. :)

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,
I heard Mumbai too is low on the temperature this time?

And too bad na - that we allow divisive politics to foment such separatist feelings...Feels miserable ... be it in Mumbai or in Bangalore with Kannada Rakshana vedike...

And what happened return trip? Over booked so they just offloaded huh?


austere said...

thanks, Ravi. Nice to have you read, but how did you get here? In my humble opinion the learned gentleman shd have been dunked into the sea a long time ago, but no one asked me. Nasty pandora's box he has opened up.

crusty- she didn't know why she was ill, didn't know where her bags were, they'd been opened and money was probably missing. gave her an ear, a pack of biscuits that I always carry in case the flt is delayed, and sent her on her way. Poor woman, you'd have been perfect handling her.

babyisland- Will sure do it, but later, right now its only boring reports around here. I want that cake pls!

sathya- saturday we were at 8.5 C but now we're at a max of 32C. Insane temps, no? At the airport I clearly told them I would see that they'd be in major trouble if they didnt sort this right. So they did.
Completely insane and a line of thinking that would appeal greatly to the locals. Across all income levels, so parochial they are so I've learnt to my surprise.

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy.You seem to be thoroughly enjoying gallivanting between Mumbai and Delhi..frankly,instead of flights,I'd prefer Rajdhani anyday...with it's A/C comfort,be it IInd AC or Ist AC.

Portia said...

Such a busy excursion, and you are taking in every detail, and taking time to be grateful for the beauty:)

austere said...

amir l- arre - so would I, but possibly next time and the cooking the next morning drags me back by air then I crib.:)

portia- great at tp I am, excel at it.