Monday, October 22, 2007

It is not that I have forgotten.
Looking around the mess strewn in the house the other day, I remembered your word for it, “pasara”, and sort of half smiled.
I still wake up early sometimes, see that still image, and then force-steer my mind to the science of it all, why the cells had to frenzy dance as they did.
I still look across to your cubicle with the Arabic-prayer-inscribed- corner, and wonder at the sigh like traces of consciousness we leave behind in places that have mattered.
Yesterday was a good day.
A marigold string across the doorstep.
Fantastic fabrics from fabindia, a different look for the sofa and dust covers, blue-green- rust, one light and one dark, that should last a decade.
Clothes for the season from Westside, should last me through a few more nieces’ weddings.
The evening arati at the garden, photographing the lights.
I think somewhere you would have understood.

Onward ho, and all that.
No, its not that I have forgotten.

There is another kind of spiritual courage as well, quieter and less celebrated, but just as remarkable: that of making each day, in its most conventional aspects -- cooking, eating, breathing -- an oblation to the absolute.-- Philip Zaleski, "A Buddhist From Dublin",
New York Times, July 24, 1994


Portia said...

Forward motion is good. Like chop wood, carry water?

Anonymous said...

What significance do Marigolds have in India? So many flowers in the world, and yet, some of them fine a place among human festivals and riturals.

I had always thought the marigold to be a modest flower,and yet, I have found cultural significance to it the world over. Fascinating.


austere said...

yeah Portia- chop wood, carry water, quick march leff rite leff..

Marigolds in all ceremonies, in all religious festivals, in garlands to bedeck homes but not garlands to be worn. Sometimes individual Gods have their own flowers as well. Dont know why exactly marigolds are used, could make up a theory though.

manuscrypts said...

hmmm, will look out for traces of consciousness now....

austere said...

Why, you lost someone precious as well?


The subtle reminders of soft memories help us heal...glad you're seeing beauty from things past as well as present..!!! :)

manuscrypts said...

no, but does it necessarily have to be that way? also works for momentary feelings of 'missing' :)