Monday, October 01, 2007

Is it possible to scowl at the computer all day?
That’s what I did yesterday, fingers inches away from the delete key.
Feeling awful, inadequate, irritated, put-upon, by turns.
By evening things were somewhat better.

Italian sauce; the recipe said, but by the time the cutting out and adding to was done with, it was something else all together, not bad.

Palm leaves against gold, a stroll around the block, watching the changes that have crept in over the time we’ve been here, the morphing from ignored suburb to prime commercial space; a prelude.


abbagirl74 said...

So the sauce became austere sauce? Sounds just right. I am at constant pains with myself and the computer. What to do?

mystic rose said...

difficult to make italian sauce without lots of crushed tomatoes and tomate paste.. :), I can give you a simple recipe.

a prelude a disaster? crowds traffic, riots...

Portia said...

sometimes the sauce is so much better when you make it your own:)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure when the motivation hits, I couold scowl at anything all day. :)


austere said...

abbagal- yeah austere sauce. :) I should go out and market it. I know, horrible when you wrestle with them words.

mystic- send!what happens to the end product I cant guarantee, it'll be diffffferent.

portia- sometimes, but next time I'm sure to do something else as well.

proxima- all day? huh. Betcha you cant. I dunno but you've got me singing a song.


grrr..I'll stare at it for you so you can go take a break!! :)