Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A friend on the writing list emailed me a book she'd written about recent Writing festivals in Australia.
Gratis, and lets forget about the dollars.
Sometimes unexpected kindness shakes me up.

These days I quick march home.
No, the autos wont go short distances.
So I quick march home.
Nice to get back into the pace. leff right leff right...
Better than shouting like a banshee and gesturing wildly.
Fun, high energy.


Portia said...

It is so rare to find a selfless person...or perhaps it is the love that you send out into the world coming back home to you.


I have a hard time accepting kindness...I'd rather do it than take it..makes me uncomfortable..but we can improve that, right? :O) Glad you have people thinking and doing for you..very good!!


Anonymous said...

I am very fond of having a routine to stick too. Little adventures throughout the day are to be expected, but I appreciate having a sturdy structure to keep my my life manageable.

Right now is very stressful. Trying to keep my center while flying everywhere for meetings, all associated with money matters.

Soon, next big day, inspection on Friday, we take or walk way.

mystic rose said...


I miss walking myself. :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy..yes,sometimes unexpected kindness shakes one up.:)Good of ur friend to email you her book.What's it about?

Hehe to marching home,rather than 'wailing like a banshee'(Correction-banshees don't shout.haha)...But,I agree- wailing for an auto in the Mumbai suburbs is a nightmare,sometimes.(And,no choice when you're like me and prefer that,to travelling in the locals...I'm paranoid about that)

BTW,you'll be pleased to know that nowadays, Dubai's taxis are similar-you have to flail(Is that the right spelling?) your hands wildly,in order to make one of them stop)..can't blame them,though.The traffic situation at present is pretty tough,so,they don't go to the congested(Read: Indian populated)areas if they can avoid it.Thankfully,the bus service covers about half or so of the 'reguired' areas to go to.And,they're really working on improving public transport here,these days.


Weeks almost complete..has it been well for you??

austere said...

Portia- it was so unexpected, this goodness. But I have encountered more good and kind than not.

Crusty- I guess if I filled a form in triplicate there'd be some way to send out three australian dollars :), but you're right, gracefully accepting is imp too.

proxima- structure is KING. Something in my ol bones tells me...:) bravo!

mystic :)

amit- I thought banshees wailed, that's how they did the needful, but you know better, eh.oh ok not shout, wailed. on the dot.
Alas, no chance of BEST emulating. Seeing how the streets in your town are paved with gold and everyyybody drives atleast a gold plated merc, shouldnt matter, eh?

crusty- week be good!

AmitL said...

Ah,those gold plated mercs and all are what make me long to return to Baroda...it's a totally materialistic world out here...even yoga is done for materialistic reasons.Arghhh.