Monday, October 15, 2007

Walking into a completely empty home, realizing that the gutfeel “this is it!” when you saw it the first time, was not wrong. That yes, the palm fronds and the raintree that curves just so outside the window and tiny balcony look magical, as if you are sitting in a sea of green, a leaf curtain from the world outside.

More light. More space. More quiet. The sounds of kids playing cricket in the common garden, a swing squeaking as a kid waves to the skies. Suddenly you realize you miss the rattle of trucks, arbit horns and the wheeze of the buses on that concrete stretch outside your old home, and yes, that time you were almost run over, remember? That the peace is heavenly. That you can actually hear bird calls, fall asleep looking upon a single star in the sky out of windows you can keep open, are awoken by the first call to prayers that some muezzin sings far away, so crystal clear in the clean dawn air.

Unpacking. All that had been carefully packed a few short hours ago. Corrugated sheets, bubblewrap, newspapers, as the efficient packers went about their business. Amazing, but nothing’s broken.

Pictures on the walls, things in their place, more or less. Need an electrician, plumber, the phone fellow, and the tatasky fellow to do their part, I guess it will get done by and by.

I pray and keep my fingers crossed. I hope Papa will like this place as well, and not stay as withdrawn.

So much happened last week. Much too much. I just hope this one’s better.


mago said...

My best wishes to you - may the Gods smile upon you! I wish you all happiness and contentment, health and luck!

Everything will find it's place.

[Don't mess with telekom-Man, I tell you! :) ]


What matters is that you love it..the energy you'll give off with the love of your new place (Which, btw, sounds perfect for you!) will feed off on your dad..I hope he fairs well in your new abode...and the tasks are nearly finished..well, unpacking that is. :)

AmitL said...

Hey,happy new home to you.:)Sounds like a gem of a place..I'm sure you'll settle down pretty quick...and,happy unpacking,finding the one odd melamine plate broken,etc..:)

austere said...

mago- hah. telecom fellow is still staying away, whattodo, chaipani?thankyouthankyou...

crustyyyyyyyyyyy- YEAH.I am, I do.thankyouuuuuuuuu. Come on over!Nice bright swings for the terrific three...

Amit- NOTHING BROKE. bolo. youbetgemtouchwood.


Forget the three..I'll head out solo...Hope tuesday has started off well for yoU!!
Crusty~well, after my cold is gone, that is!

SAthya said...

Hi Aust,

Happpppy 'New House moving'... wishing all the happiness that you can ever wish for in the new place...

Yes this week shall definitely be a better week...

Best wishes,

Proxima Blue said...

Here's to twinkling right back at you dearest! :>

Hopefully I will join you in such a state of being soon myself. We are at the beginning. Now an agent and broker have been selected. The fun part on Thursday, actually walking into houses!

I'll let there energy flow through me, and see, which one one will convice me, it is home.

You will post pictures of your new home, please? Let me know when they are up.


Sathya said...

So sorry to be reading others' comments... but I too wish photooos... post them ... flickr probably...


austere said...

Crusty- deal!pavbhaji for dinner and udupi south Indian for lunch and tons of sunshine! C'mon!

sathya- thaaaaaaaaanks! heard that all the way in california? how dyou like the golden state? photos in some time. some wires to sort yet.

PROXIMA- YES. You will KNOW.And you will badger and bargain and get it, knowing all the time you will get it. Now for my own apt in the same complex, which I want and *think* should work.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

will post a detaillllllled mail with all the travel experiences.. :)


Portia said...

I am hoping a better week for you too. Your new place sounds wonderful, I especially loved the "leaf curtain from the world outside." Oh, and waking to early morning prayers heard from a distance. Wishing you and Papa both happiness in your new home:)


That sounds so perfect!
Are you used to the place yet? Have you learned the about the core of the place? her noises and groans..or, will you call the home a HE? :)

Meanderingme said...

Hey Austy! You and I seem to have gone through the same experience this last week. Only thing is here I had to pack and unpack everything :) But I completely get what you are saying - it feels like home hain na? All the best and congrats on the move. I am sure your dad will love it.
Talk soon!

austere said...

meandering ME! where on earth are you?? HOW are you? My sympathy with the packin unpackin. uff. too much it is. You need packers with a table and almirah from 1964! thanksyous.

sathya- wherewhereWHERE is the travel mail? haan??

portia- thankyous. lotsofgreen. light. space!

crustey- yes! a SHE. But I sleep like a LOG, like I'm on a hillstation or something, out for the count, must be the fresh air..dont stay wide awake long enough to hear her mumble and sing.