Friday, March 14, 2014

Yesterday was so grilling a day that…that I booked tickets to go work in the mountains in Sept. Made arrangements, bought tickets etc etc. Today I packed my backpack—the first time ever-- for the April GHNP trip, much longer walking than I’m used to but not going as high, so breathing should be far easier than Leh. Plus when nature is overwhelming, anything else just does not matter….

To worsen my mood in the evening I received a story back with feedback/comments. I had ASKED for comments so I can’t fault them. No way I’m going to write complex unending sentences, though. This once I have no option but to accept changes and live with it. Did you tell Pamuk that his lines were brittle?

Good news this morning--the book with my essay on  journaling is available!

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PQ said...

How do u manage to write so much? Don't worry abt the comments...stick to ur beliefs