Saturday, March 15, 2014

Delighted to announce  publication of an essay I’ve been working on for quite some time:

Remembering Awe is up on Pure Slush; an essay about walking with my father to an early 1st century Buddhist monastery and why I must not let this memory go :

Today is a landmark day. For someone who is conditioned to adjust till the cows come home, speaking up can be taxing and tearful. But I'm glad I stood firm. Nothing left to salvage.


PQ said...

Great u spoke up!
Will b back to read ur essay.
BTW, u taking part in Katha this time? I wanted to, but the 7$ put me off...its not abt the money...wonder why they did many good writers might not participate.

Anonymous said...

Ich gratuliere Dir von ganzem Herzen, Austere.