Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Images from Sunday's tree walk. Renee and Dr Usha do an amazing job...sharing their knowledge, insight so generously, taking the time, energy and effort to document this living heritage; scientific name and all...all gratis. Only in Bombay can this happen.

The third image-- deadly Datura, so pretty and fragile, every damn part of it a killer
The second image- Cordia, a happy tree..mildly hallugenic
The first image? The gate at Heritage Park, just because I liked it

Images that are dying to prompt a nasty tale or two.


Anonymous said...

I am tempted to try whether this nice plant in picture number three emanates a scent ?

PQ said...

Very nice pics :)

P V Ariel said...

Hi Mira,
Nice to be here
I am here via Guilie Castillo
good to hear about your new venture in blogging.Keep it up. Keep informed.
Best Regards
Philip Ariel