Friday, June 25, 2010

So how often do you correct, re-correct, strikeout, fashion a phrase? Rework that which seems already mirror-finish?
Don’t miss the John Updike manuscript here:

So how do you reach a point called “Enough”? Is it abrupt, that move—here today, gone tomorrow; or is it by inches, slow and gradual, a mishmash of compromises, let-it-be’s, whittling away, making allowances till you don’t recognize your face in the mirror anymore, you don’t like what you see?
Just curious. I know how I get there. Do you?


Tamanna Mishra said...

Abrupt. The minute I decide, the deed is done. And I don't even think so much before I decide. About anything. I am not so sure if it is a good thing.

shiv said...

for me it is both ways.. someitmes abrupt, sometimes gradual

Leni Qinan said...

Too often, dear Austere. I'm kind of horrible perfectionist.

PQ said...

Well it seems abrupt...especially the decision i took recently...the big risk...but then when i think more i think i was getting prepared for it slowly...& yes sometimes i feel life is short...& definitely worth a few risks...

Anonymous said...

In English I need to correct and search for words and re-write, but I have to put an end to this and after two or three times it has to be enough.

In German its difficult. Any small change can bring another tone in; any small change can better the text, or spoil the whole thought that is to be expressed. I do not give German texts away without having it checked by a trusted person - and vice versa, its a kind of "Symbiose" - and when I did without this checking I had to regret it.
At one point a feeling sets in, one - me! - knows that it is enough, its good. This stage can be reached easier when the thought behind the text or the task the text has to fulfill is formulated well and precise: The better you prepare the "faster" a good result is reached.
I can not explain that feeling, but until know - knock on wood - it did not go wrong.
(With one notable exception from the rule, but there the customer was simply nuts; drove me close to violence, seriously.)

Happy singing :)

AmitL said...

oh..I'm a perfectionist,most of the time-so,even blog posts are written, checked to see how they look on the blog, same goes for mag letters..:)

austere said...

Tamanna- I need to learn that! A good thing, that decisiveness.
Shiv- Accha. Not that I've ever met an indecisive Arian. AND I live with one!

Leni- really? as long as you're not fretting about it, that should be fine. But looking for perfect and getting impatient- THAT is a problem now

PQ- maybe as you say, by bits you were moving towards it, so you knew?

mago- superb expression there of the escalating changes on changing one word in German.
faster is good- then what about fiction rewrites??

amit- now HOW did I know that was the way it was??

AmitL said...

You're amazing-you knew I'm like that??:)I think it's one of my drawbacks at work-keeps me stressed all the time..:)