Monday, June 21, 2010

My tolerance for bs is DEFINED by what we live with day in and day out, Bhopal or the many Bhopals-in-the-making, bus-train-air blasts/mishaps, crumbling civil utilities and infrastructure, political and media shenanigans that conveniently milk an episode for what it is worth before maxing out the next disaster. I guess this is what third world or politely put, emerging market reality is all about. Our senses benumbed by real life, so much that the tolerances shift, our scale is different. So yes, blogger impertinence noted, fumed against, and one will continue to prod--but brazen,shameless, live on. AND yet look for a sliver of hope, of something fine amidst this chaos.

The seasons have changed. There is a freshness in the air most mornings.

Sometimes a line of succinct prose leaves you envious, worthless and unsure of your own capability in ever being able to capture a mood:
“In my credulous years—he thought—they told me that evil was a sort of dirty hue, just as definite as a soiled collar, but it seems to me that evil is only a manner of hard lucky, or heredity-and-environment, or ‘being found out.’ “
-- from Dalyrimple Goes Wrong by F. Scott Fitzgerald. from
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norrbu said...

subscribed - and austere di, you don't worry a thing about being succinct and envious -

Tamanna Mishra said...

Subscribed! :)

And if you of all people getting succinct and envious. Hum jaiso ka kya hoga fir?

PQ said...

Seasons changed...its rain time now right?

Anonymous said...

I did not subscribe, but put it into my bookmarks and will read. Thank you for this link! I like the small forms.

austere said...

norrbu- on twitter someone put up a link about writing the ending first and then working backwards- am going to try that out.
So yes, envious.

Tamanna- :) you have your hallmark style. Clear. Crisp.

PQ- oh yes, they change. And demand change.

mago- You will like it, I think. Manage to finish reading a few per wk, not all.