Thursday, June 10, 2010
The Ind Express ran this story (again) this morn.
What a shot of pure energy!
Intent. Clean focus.
I walked taller. I'd whistle if I could.
Go, Pruthvi Shaw, GO!

Technology as a change agent.
Tons has been written about that.
But how technology can change lives. Incremental technology, nothing pathbreaking, mind it.
Except that the application, the USE-- is pathbreaking.
Women aloud videoblogging for empowerment. WAVE.
Quite a mouthful.
A 2 member initiative.Sapna Shahani and Angana Jhaveri.
They train women from semi-urban, mostly lower income groups from across the country,
to make short video clips based on what is happening around them.
Open your eyes and you can see.
Train them as in every aspect- story boarding, scripting, shooting.
AND they pay them for their work.
The videoblogs exhibited ran the gamut from documentary type, art and craft and culture, to breaking news, citizen journalism.
Pretty interesting.
More so because of what it can do, in terms of change. And open up new worlds.
"Weaving Dreams -- Padma, a lady of the Bodo community in Assam, changes her community for the better when she started a weaving society, turning away from their previous occupations of liquor-making. Created by Usha Dewani (4 minutes)."
The audience was mostly NGO types or arty types.
But possibly the best saturday evening I've spent in a long time, watching these clips.
There is so much one can do.
Starting with not too much.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Wish I had more time.

Here I see too much of the adverse affects of technology. "Face time" and meaningful conversations are harder to come by.


Shraddha said...

True....There is so much one can do.
Starting with not too much...but whenever we feel like doing something, we generally end up thinking that its not much or won't make much difference and the thought process is stopped then and there only, feeling sad that what we can do is not enough...which is actually not true......we fail to understand that sometimes even little is much when it makes a difference, a change...

AmitL said...
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AmitL said...

Pruthvi Shaw's story-very nice-surely he'll be up there with the top 11 some day...though,thinking from a wider perspective,I did wish he'd mastered some other game-like hockey,football as well?High time alternate sports got their share of attention,na?

PQ said...

Very encouraging!

austere said...

PQ- it is!

Amit L- but those games have not the quantum of $$$...

Shraddha- agree :) a journey of a million miles begins with one step... thanks for visiting. You have a great blog too.

Nimh-- longer term, will our brains give in? or evolve?