Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok, so the hullabaloo is about the spam bots. Or Spam blogs now.
And Google’s dysfunctional, tizzy-as-a-dowager-with-a-knot-in-her tights response.
Which swept functional blogs and bloggers out with the spam.
Husha, hoosha, you all come down. Boom!
Ham handed.
Eyebrow raised—they could still have asked, right?
This is still so very WRONG, my dear Google.

STOP PRESS: Leni's missing comment copied below:
Leni Qinan has left a new comment on your post "Dear Google, You are not my mother. Even my mothe...":


I hope Blogger doesn't remove this comment too, as it did with all my comments -all gone-.

I know you from Mago, who recommended me to visit and read your defence of freedom of speech.

Thank you very much for your support.


Today I learned an original lesson, one about decimal points.
If I can save on tax by merely using 7 decimal places instead of 2… .
So what did I learn? One: Look at the detail.
Two: learn to look at the obvious from another angle.
Strange where we get our insights.


Leni Qinan said...

Dear Austere,

The google bots are still eating out my comments, so I have to comment anonymously, even in my own blog.

Interesting lessons for today.

Thank you for copyposting my comment.

Tamanna Mishra said...

Austy, this is really crazy. I read up all about it on various blogs yesterday. And for the record, all these bloggers have my support. And that of many, many other bloggers around. I will do a post on this soon too.

This's not all. This neo blogger called Abhi D or some random shit like that is going around commenting on people's blogs and telling they are in bad taste. Why? Because they wrote about the ban on smoking being unfair for smokers. When I stood up for that blogger, this Abhi D person "informed" me that he is doing a "research" on bloggers whose posts are in bad taste and he will apparently publish his analysis on his blog. He "threatened" me that some of my posts were in bad taste and he will include it in his idiotic post. Some of the people who are on his hit list are brilliant writers like The Restless Quill and The Compulsive Confessor. What nonsense!

I can only say I will be glad to be in the same bracket as those other bloggers - makes me feel like a celebrity :)

Honestly, blogging is fair and square a subset of our society. MNS chale gaye, AbhiD chhor gaye.

And then of course is the Google censorship. Big daddy! If I had to be censored or read censored stuff, I would have stuck to mindless channel surfing on TV.

Seriously idiotic!

I think the blog wars of first generation bloggers was way better and more harmless than this kind of idiotic behaviour by Google and MNS fed bloggers.

Tamanna Mishra said...

I think Spambot is a very lame excuse. I forgot to say it in my otherwise enormous comment :-)

shiv said...

Well, well, what's happening? there seems to be a sudden storm... hope the dust settles down soon ..

Anonymous said...

Seven? I am perplexed. My father was a learned "Kaufmann", he could do bookeeping and all this. He used four positions to the right of the komma. That was in the days when calculators were mechanical machines or partly electric.
I am glad to see that the little disturbances that started in Vancouver and moved to Spain now have reached India and will move onward - globalization in a different and personal way, ha!
It is difficult to change the perspective. Seeing is the main procedure for understanding, form a picture, estimate - strangely in all (or the most) texts I write these days and in my thinking I come back to "judge". We are all onlookers and each one sees something different.

shooting star said...

cemsorship is not needed here!!
btw i have got a tag for u...

Anonymous said...

I've done a bit of research in Blogger and found out that it's really easy to file an abuse report.

On top of it, it's anonymous. How funny is this? You can report that a blog is Spam/incites to hate or violence/posts nude pics -and yet they say they allow them!)/defamation/libel/slander/impersonation etc.

Blogger won't even check if it's true! This circumstance adds a high degree uncertainty and defencelessness, because it allows Blogger to take arbitrary action, in flagrant contradiction with their Terms of Service.

It's disgusting to think that some people would report about bloggers whose posts are supposedly in bad taste.

Leni Qinan

Leni Qinan said...

I found out how to comment with my own name, not user's name. Sorry, I'm still learning the techy stuff at Wordpress.

austere said...

leni-- you did right in moving, I would have fumed, gotten depressed, written soulful poetry and cried.
I do not bounce back as quickly, alas.

Tamanna--Well, yes. Celebrity. And you don't need any Abhi D to tell you that.:)
MNS is only dormant and getting more powerful, nahin gaye kidhar bhi.
Yes, that was better.
Spambot is so dumb it has to be real- given the millions of blogs, no human can ever check or track these.

Shiv- chaos and a tornado. Quiet now, I think.

mago-true, we bring a part of ourselves in what we see. or don't.

shooting star--thanks for the tag. In a while. :)

Leni-- so this button was up there all the time, and we knew about it when we joined, right?
Still is grossly unfair.